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With a USB-C rechargable battery and motion activated technology, the Car Pro is designed for use inside vehicles. The Car Pro ensures that every space you spend time in can have a signature scent tied to it.


The Car Pro's motion detecting technology allows it to start and stop based on when the vehicle is actually moving.  Designed to fit into most cupholders.


The high grade aviation aluminum construction and minimalist design makes this a piece that you'll actually want to show off and leave out in the open.


Pair with a fragrance subscription and let the cold diffusion technology envelop your vehicle with the luxurious fragrances from KERCHER.


Out of Stock
    • Designed for vehicle use
    • Motion detecting technology
    • User can customize fragrance intensity
    • Waterless cold diffusion technology
    • USB-C rechargable battery
    • No residue
    • Safe for children and pets
    • Sleek, compact, and lightweight design
    • High grade aviation aluminium construction
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