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Josh Kercher is a man of mystery. He is a fashion designer whose inspirations range from tuxedos, tattoos, and motorcycles (lol yes). I know that sounds like Tom Ford 2.0 (more on that later), but Kercher has built his custom clothing business to the point in which he is known to many as the premier customer clothier in Chicago. Not limited to the Windy City, his client list spans regions, industries, and cultures. We are talking about a guy who makes suits for everyone from Vic Mensa to Kliff Kingsbury to Lewis Howes and Taylor Kinney. That range of clientele is about as diverse as Josh is himself.


AGE: 32. LIVES IN: South Loop. CLAIM TO FAME: Creative director and owner of KERCHER, a bespoke menswear line launched in 2015, with a ready-to-wear storefront set to open later this month. DREAM CATCHER: Kercher dropped out of community college in Michigan after a few months, and got a job at a car dealership. “[My manager] told me I had to clean up and buy some new clothes,” he says. “I ran to the mall, got dressed in what I could afford and showed up. … I was just a punk kid, [selling cars] to people who appeared to have this great life, yet they were listening to everything I had to say. I realized that clothing has this ability to alter people’s perceptions.”


The Begin Anyway Series focuses on people who have taken this journey and found success. Most of these people are nowhere near their ultimate destinations. What they have in common is that they have each made a conscious effort to improve their lives by starting over and pursuing a totally different path. We each have a unique journey, vision, and destination; but we all share the desire for a more fulfilling life.



We're continuing ‘From Boo to I Do Week’ and today, it's all about the bridal gowns and menswear! When it comes to shopping for the big day, breaking traditions is the newest trend. Felicia Lawrence went to learn all about it at the new Kercher and Amsale pop-up shop in River North.Kercher and Amsale is located at 20 W. Hubbard Street. If you’re interested in this shopping experience with your fiancé, they are giving our Jam viewers exclusive VIP fittings! They only accept appointments, so be sure to mention ‘The Jam’ when setting it up. You can do so at


Chicago designer Josh Kercher took an unorthodox route to a career

in fashion-and that's just how he likes it.

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