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Explore our range of custom offerings only available in the KERCHER studio


The word bespoke (/bəˈspoʊk/) has evolved from a verb meaning "to speak for something" to its contemporary usage as an adjective that has changed from describing first tailor-made suits and shoes, and later, to anything commissioned to a particular specification (altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser).

Here is how we do bespoke...


Don't leave your look to chance. 


Whether your celebration is a seaside gathering in the French Riviera, a bohemian soirée in Marrakesh or a formal affair at the New York Public Library.  Kercher's bespoke offering caters the full range of luxury wares that you'll need for not only your big day but all the events leading up to it.

*Tailored wedding garments take 10 to 12 weeks from initial appointment for bespoke and 6 to 8 weeks for made-to-measure.



First impressions count.

It's no secret that life's big occasions call for tailoring.

There is a reason many of the World's elite performers, business executives, entertainers and creators enlist Kercher to create a perfectly tailored wardrobe.

From boardrooms to the main stage to red carpet award shows, no one understands how to make tailored garments feel as authentically you as Kercher does.

Connect with our design team today to see how you can get started.


*Bespoke suits, tuxedos, jackets and trousers take 10 to 12 weeks to complete while made-to-measure suits, tuxedos, jackets, trousers, denim and shirting take an average of 6 to 8 weeks. 



No article of clothing has the power to transform a person quite like a leather jacket.

Kercher creates exquisite leather garments meant to be cherished. 


Leather jackets have an inherent energy that you can feel the moment you slip them on.  They transport you to the era of Steve McQueen and James Dean and make you feel as though anything is possible.

Through our bespoke and made-to-order leather program you can have our Los Angeles atelier craft a unique masterpiece specifically for you.

Utilizing much of the same techniques and methodology as our bespoke tailoring, you can get a jacket, shirt or pant made from the World's finest leather hides or shearlings.  After drafting your pattern, our atelier will create two stages of muslin fittings before creating your final product.

*Bespoke leather products can take between 8 and 16 weeks depending on complexity of design.



A passion project for Creative Director, Josh Kercher, he painstakingly sources vintage garments from across the globe only to then deconstruct the entire garment and revise the pattern in our atelier to a modern fit and then reconstruct the garment utilizing couture sewing techniques.

Many items are then processed through additional wash cycles or further hand-distressing to achieve the perfect worn in look.

Finally, the garment receives it's new KERCHER logo and finished with a special bespoke label signed by Kercher and denoting the 1 of 1 series.

*Inquire with our design team about current availability or to have our team work on a piece you already own.

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