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Razor sharp tailoring, sumptuous leather, motorcycles, tattoos, art and a little bit of mid-western charm. 


KERCHER, is the eponymous luxury label born from a mid-western upbringing where Creative Director, Josh Kercher, was surrounded by antiques, motorcycles, cars, clothing, basketball, music, movies, good friends and great stories. 

"I grew up around antiques, collected cards, read old books, played basketball, bought vintage clothing, was part of a dance crew and was always around people who were riding motorcycles and working on cars.  My entire life was literally full of fantastic stories and of people who understood the value of taking care of your possessions.  I remember and pull from these memories every day." - says Kercher.

Beautiful things (fashion, art or otherwise) always have an incredible story: whether it's a bespoke suit, a handmade pair of boots, a leather jacket with a perfect patina developed over time or a vintage tee worn and faded in all the right places.  They are all signs of a life well spent and (typically) that an artisan who has dedicated their life to a craft has worked on.

In a time when fashion is suffering from over-consumption of story-less clothing, KERCHER looks to turn back the clock to when people owned fewer things but better things.

Kercher feels that true luxury is found not only in the subtleties of his garments (i.e. - craftsmanship, fit, textures, scarcity) but also in the feeling that wearing them gives you. "That's really where the magic is." - says Kercher.  "Luxury is not inherently approachable (for so many reasons) but part of the charm of our brand is that we are executing things that rival the world's top luxury brands but telling the stories the way I was brought up to tell them.  Stories that make you laugh and that make you get it instead of feeling like an outsider.  It's that little bit of midwestern charm that makes the difference and that I think people fall in love with."

Our studio is where we craft our stories.  It's where we put our passion to work.  It's where we invite our clients to come for a drink and allow us to help create something special just for them.

We invite you to shop our collection online or to reserve a private fitting at our studio in Chicago.

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