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* A sterling silver ring with a ribbed texture and brush finish, designed to mimic a loop stitch used for edging buttonholes.



Stitch Ring

  • Enhance your style by focusing on the details. 


    As a luxury brand focusing on design and craftsmanship, we would like to share some fashion knowledge with you in the form of a ring.


    The Stitch ring was inspired by the loop stitch technique used to edge buttonholes for garments; an essential finishing touch that is often hidden by buttons. We want to bring this intimate construction detail into a surreal design by transforming the soft stitch into strong and prominent metal and placing it where it can be seen. This piece is a conversation starter that not only includes a story of what the ring represents, but where the one of a kind design came from, KERCHER.


    The hallmark of any KERCHER piece is not only in the cut of the garment and quality of the cloth but also in the nuance of style. The quality of our products rival the world's finest. We invite you to find out for yourself.

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